Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fine in Fairview

Well, howdy family! So how is everything going??? I hope all is going well.

Saturday we had a baptism. It was Josie the animal-lover! :D It was good, only 5 people showed up, but it was still good. On Sunday she asked me to confirm her, so I agreed, and it went really well.

We had Zone Conference, and it was kinda boring at first, then it got better.....why?... because Alex Boyé gave us a training...

He is a black singer for Mo-tab [note-the Mormon Tabernacle Choir], and holy-moly that brotha can sing! -Shoot.

You guys remember me mentioning Bob, right? The guy who made me a ring out of antlers? He is getting baptized tomorrow, so that'll be cool. We also had a bishop in the Slat River Ward call Salt Lake and they found Teri’s baptism record, so she doesn't have to get baptized again.

Nothing really has been going on. Well, we did move into our new place in Fairview. It's nice, but it's a little on the small side. :D But, who cares.

Okay, so let me answer the questions that you asked...

-What fun things have you done on your p-days [note -"Preparation-days" are when missionaries are able to do errands, shopping, writing letters, and some other activities]?
Bowling, basketball, sleeping, whatever really.

-Who is the most awesome person you have met so far on your mission? What made them so awesome?
I really don't know. I can't choose just one. I have met lots of awesome people.

-What is the best thing that has happened to you in Star Valley?
Eating lots and lots of meat...beef, elk, venison, buffalo! YUMMY!!! :D

-What was the strangest (or funniest) question you have been asked as a missionary?
Oh, where to begin... I have been asked "How many Mom's do you have?" and, "How do you know that the Holy Ghost isn't a Woman? It makes you emotional, and It makes you cry, that's what women do." And many more like that. :D

I'm telling ya, if you want to hear some funny stuff come to a fast and testimony meeting in Utah. You will hear it all. I'm not diss'n on Utah at all, but it's true.

Everything seems to be going fine, so that's really all I have to report. Sorry it's short, but that's all I got for today.

Elder Evans

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