Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Times In Bountiful

Here is my weekly update.

10/20/09 - P-DAY. Did all our normal stuff, but today was a little different. I got my hair cut and the lady shaved the back of my neck.....with a straight-edge razor!

When she pulled it out, I was like "Oh gosh!", but it was cool, and she didn't cut me. :D

We went to the DI and bought a HUGE, big old "Book of Mormon" for my morning studies. We had 3 lessons scheduled for tonight, but they all fell through.


10/22/09 - GUESS WHO WE SAW?? Elder Walker and I were walking down the street, and I hear, "Elder Evans!!" So I turn around and Lindsey Blau comes out of the car. It was so cool! I miss her and the whole Blau Family, but mostly I miss my boy, Brenden (note-his good friend who is serving a mission in South Africa). So after that, the day ROCKED!

10/23/09 & 10/24/09 -ALL OUR LESSONS CANCELLED AGAIN!! :-(

10/25/09 -SUNDAY. As always, the busiest day for a missionary.

10/29/09 - INTERVIEWS. Yea! It was sweet. That took up a really good chunk of the day. So we as a group went to Cafe Rio for lunch (they have amazing Mexican food)...

The President and his wife were there, too. Some girls came to our table and started hitting on us, and invited us to come to seminary with them. So Elder Chantry said, "Well, ask our President, he's right there." Well, they freaked and quickly left…it was so funny.

Anyways, that's my week. So yeah. Love you guys, and stay safe.

Elder Evans

P.S. It's snowing today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here In Bountiful

Nothing really cool happened, but here it is…

10/13/09 - P-DAY. No lessons. Lameness. :-(

10/14/09 - ZONE CONFERENCE! I saw Elder Watts...

It was good to see him again. I haven't seen him since the MTC. Now the last one for me to see again is my old MTC companion, Elder Swisher!

Zone Conference took up a pretty good chunk of our day. It was an hour drive there, zone conference was from 8-3pm, and then an hour drive back. So, yeah. No lessons today.

10/15/09 -TODAY WAS ALRIGHT. Okay, so here is the “highlight” of this day. We had dinner with a family, and they have a daughter who is 21, and is thinking about going on a mission. So we started talking, then she asked us what our plans are for Halloween...

“Nothing,” we said, “as we have to be in our apt at 6pm.” So I asked, “What are you doing, are you going to dress up?” She said that she wants to be Jasmine from Aladdin...

Then she said. "Elder Evans, do you want to be my Aladdin?" (Awkwarddd) And my reply was, "Uhhh…yeah…sure…sounds fun." She laughed then asked if I had a girlfriend. (Oh dear) And it became really awkward really fast. :-P

10/16/09 -
HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM TODAY. An older lady who was once a Jehovah’s Witness…but not no more! :D I didn't take any pictures since I never taught her.

10/17/09 - 4 MONTHS! Yeahhh! Wooot woot! 20 more to go.....wowzers. That's a long time. :D

Today was our "right place, right time" day. Elder Walker and I were walking around trying to get our 10 street-contacts. I said to him, “Hey, let's go this way”, not even really thinking about it, and we ran into a less-active lady who has been wanting to come back to church and wants to be taught again. So we told her what time her ward meets, and set up a time to meet and re-teach her. The other was a lady who was looking for missionaries to give her a blessing of comfort. She was going through a hard time and needed help. Again we took a different route and she found us. It was pretty sweet!

10/18/09 – SUNDAY. Busy as always. Meetings on meetings.....all that fun stuff. :D (note- Elder Evans and his companion cover three Stakes; which include a total of 21 wards!)

10/19/09 - NO LESSONS TODAY. Just visiting people, and helping them. Walked like 20 miles. No joke. (note-he is in the largest walking area of the mission)

So yeah, that was my week...

Anyways… I love you guys. Have fun, and stay safe.

I'm going to go hit up the D.I. (Deseret Industries thrift store). Yeah, it's going to be sweet. :D

Elder Evans

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Howdy, From Bountiful

How is everything going with everyone? How is Sierra Vista? How much has changed?

Anyways, here is my weekly report.

10/6/09- P-DAY. We made a training movie, with Elders Norton and Coon, for District meeting...

That was fun. It was showing some examples of good and bad "commitments" and was pretty funny.

10/7/09 – HAD DISTRICT MEETING and then went to Taco Bell...

We also visited a lot of people but had no lessons.

10/8/09- WEEKLY PLANNING and then Zone-study which was really good! We learned how to be better listeners...

Nothing really happened until later that day. We had a lesson, but our fellowship never showed up, so the lesson was pretty much pointless. But, it's all good.

10/9/09 –WE HAD THREE BAPTISMS TODAY. One wasn't ours, but the Zone Leader wanted us to be there. The other two were ours, a husband and a wife, so it was pretty cool. :D That was pretty much the highlight of the day. So I have been blessed with 6 baptisms in 4 months! Yeah!! :D

This is an amazing mission, I'll tell you that right now. Our District has a goal of 16 baptisms this month, and we have already had half. Thirty-one is the Zone goal and we’re doing really good. It's amazing!

10/10/09 - SUNDAY! The people who were baptized got confirmed. We had our regular meetings, and that was it. It was a trying day.

10/11/09- MY EXCHANGE WITH ELDER NORTON was so good!

It brought back some good old memories of when we were companions. It was good to serve with him again. We had a way sweet lesson with a younger couple—unfortunately not married and living together (oh dear). We read Ether 12 with them. I love that chapter as there is so much power in it—goodnight! It was just an amazing lesson.

So, that was my week. I hope all is going well with everyone. I miss you all, and can't wait to hear from you. You’re always in my prayers.

Oh, I need a few things. Some stamps and some letters from my old friends back home...

Well, I love you guys.

Elder Evans, the 4th.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey there, everyone!

Well, before I get into my letter. I just wanted to let you know that I'm being transferred…which I will talk about later in the letter. :D

9/22/09-Best P-day ever!! We did our shopping, wrote letters, and all that stuff. But, it was like "district hang-out" from 11-4:30. We bought ties, had Burger King...

Jamba Juice...

...and just hung out. It was so much fun. I love our district!

9/23/09-David had his final interview....and he passed! YEY-YEY! That was pretty much my highlight.

9/24/09-Today was crappy. Our lesson fell through. But we did have a FHE with the Jones family…

9/25/09-Today was weekly planning, which took up most of the day.

This was also the day that Grandpa passed away.

That was pretty hard on me. But, thank goodness for the Plan of Salvation and that I know, I know, that I will see him again. Thank goodness for that, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

9/26/09-Today was Homecoming!!

...so the work didn't go too well!! We talked to two drunk guys which was so funny as they were hammered!! But, we did meet a young man named Mark when we were talking to them. So we talked to him, and all that good stuff. He was really interested, but he lives in Salt Lake. So...we can't teach him. But check this out. He walked with us back to our apartment, and then we said our goodbyes. We took like two steps, and looked back and he was gone....he was no where to be seen.....Angel! :D

Oh, and David got baptized. Woot woot!!!

9/27/09-David was supposed to get the Holy Ghost, but ten minutes before church started we got a call. David was in the ER in Idaho...

He had something swell in his throat and he couldn't breathe. So we will do that Wednesday. (But I won't be there since I will be getting transferred, and he wanted me to confirm him…sadness.)

9/28/09 - 21 years old!!

WOOT WOOT! YEY-YEY! I had three.....three cakes today!!

I had a birthday party with the Althouse family, and that rocked! I love that family. I'm gonna miss them so much. So Elder Weiland got a call, and he will be Training. OH SHOOT! :D He'll be a way-good trainer.

9/29/09-I got my call this morning. I'm going to......(Drum roll)....

...Bountiful North, and will be serving with Elder Walker. And guess who my DL is....Elder Norton!! (note-his trainer) Woot Woot!

I'm way excited to leave, but I'm really sad, too. I love Logan, and I don't want to leave, but I do know that God has his hand in the work for me, and wants me to be in Boun-town North.

(note - On Saturday, October 3, Elder Evans had the unique blessing--with permission from his mission president--of attending his Grandfather's funeral, as the funeral was held in Clearfield, UT, which is in his mission, and is only about twenty minutes from Bountiful--where he had been transfered only four days earlier. Elder Evans' father, four sisters and I were allowed to pick him up at his apartment and his father was assigned, by the mission president, to serve as his companion during the funeral services...

...Elder Evans also served, along with some of his cousins, as one of the pall bearers (front right).

It was a beautiful service on a beautiful day, made all the more wonderful because Elder Evans was able to attend and pay his final respects to the grandfather he dearly loved and who, himself, was--and, no doubt still is--a great missionary!)

October 6 - Here in Bountiful, it is freezing!...but I love it.

I really don't have much to say for this week, since I just just saw you guys, but I do have a few things...

On the 2nd we taught a millionaire....and he's 23. He is a social networker, and is making bank!! -Oh Shoot! He is a way cool guy, very nice, very humble, loves to learn. Okay, here comes the cool part…we were teaching him and I noticed that he kept looking at me. Then finally he said, “Elder Evans, have we met before?” “No, I don't think so”, I said. Then he said, “I know I have met you before in the life before. I know it, and that you are here to teach me.” I was like “Holy Moly”.... It was such an amazing thing to feel because once he said that the spirit testified to me that it was true. That's why I'm here in Bountiful.

On Sunday we went to a member’s home for General Conference...

I guess here in Bountiful they don't show it at the church. The home we went to were the Mason's; a way nice family. They have five girls and one boy… poor kid, aye. It was awesome to be with a big family again for Conference, and Conference rocked! Oh man! Oh, and Elder Walker and I got ice-cream after the Priesthood Session...


I want you guys to know that I have a testimony of the Plan of Happiness. I know that after we die we will be with our loved ones again. I know that! And I know that Grandpa is a missionary up there right now. He is teaching people about the Highest Glory of heaven, worlds without end, so that they can become gods to the most-high God.

I love you. You are my family and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Elder Evans