Monday, March 29, 2010

Big, Wide, Wonderful Wyoming!

Hello Family. How is everyone? I hope all is going well, with your warm Spring-break. Here, it's really cold in the mornings, and some-what warm in the afternoons, then cold in the evening, then really cold when the sun goes down.

But, it's all good. :D

So you asked me where in Star Valley we are living. We are in Grover ...

...and we cover the whole valley, from Smoot, all the way to Alpine, or Jackson Hole. I think its right to the start of Jackson Hole.

Anyways, it’s a BIG area. It's the 2nd biggest car area in the Mission. The 1st is Montpeiler, Idaho, then us, then Soda Springs, Idaho.

I really enjoy it here. I really do. Way nice, down-to-earth people. It's just awesome. I wish I knew a little bit more of the area so I could tell you who all we are teaching. One of our investigators is Greg who is 26, was a hard-core drinker but went to a Bible camp and stopped his drinking. He has a baptism date for the 17th.

Josie... Ok, let me tell you about her. Nate, you might enjoy this, she may sound like some people you ran into in Tennessee. She's about 46 or so, and she loves, LOVES animals. She ready? 20+ rats, 4 dogs, 6 cats. That's so gross!! And she is just straight-up red-neck. Oh, and did I say she lives in a one-bedroom trailer? Well, she does....with all those animals. :D

Those are our 'gators for right know.

Ok, so there are two words I hear a LOT around here, and they are Damn, and Hell. It is the funniest thing in the world to hear a Bishop say one of those words over the pulpit! :D

Well, that's pretty much my week.

I love you guys. Take care.

Elder Evans

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello from Star Valley, Wyoming...

...and Soda Springs, Idaho!

Howdy family. I hope all is going well. Everything is going good up here in Wyoming. We’re doing pretty good. We had 6 lessons in half a week. It's pretty sweet, ey?

So, I need a huge favor!!! I need you to send me my GPS with a plug-in for the car, the lighter thing, and a lot of other stuff too. Here in the Valley there is no Wal-Mart. There is nothing up here. So if you could send me some food, anything would be nice. Cereal, canned goods, I don't care, but nothing that needs to be cooked in the microwave. We don't have one, or should I say our people that we are living with don't. They are two older people, and I think they have a hard time knowing what is going on, so Elder Weiland and I might be moving out to a different home. Keep your fingers crossed.

Star Valley is HUGE. It's so big! We have 2300 miles a month. A MONTH! [note-missionaries are only allowed to put a certain amount of miles on their car per month, depending on how large their area is.] And that's still not enough. Crazy! The car I'm driving is a purple Pontiac Vibe...

...It is pretty lame. It’s a horrible car.

Anyways that's all I've got. Sorry it's so short, but there's not much else to report right now. :D

Elder Evans

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I’m Being Transferred!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Star Valley, Wyoming to be with Elder Weiland again [note- Elder Weiland was his second companion; they only served together for 6 weeks]!! I'm so excited!

And I get to drive [note-he has been in a "walking area" for the past 6 months, without a car]. Weiland can't drive (well, he can, just not on the Mission). :D So I get to drive from Ogden all the way to Star Valley. That'll be fun. :D

[Note-Star Valley, Wyoming is the most northern area of the misson and Bountiful is the most southern, so it will be a bit of a change. When he arrives it will probably still look like this...

But, hopefully will soon start to look like this...]

I'm really excited to leave B-town. I love Bountiful, but, its time to go. It's bitter-sweet, really. I’ve been saying goodbye to all the members. I have grown to love a lot of these people. I have even called some of them my friends. I hope to stay in contact with a lot of them.

Elder Snyder is staying and he's training. I really don't have anything else to say, just that I'm way excited!

This week has been a slow one, and a boring one. Nothing really exciting has happened. We do have 2 lessons tonight, one with Janice and the other with Mary, so hopefully those will be good.

Anyways...Star Valley, here I come! :D

Elder Evans

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello Everyone

How are you guys? I hope all is going well.

We had a baptism. Lenny was baptized on Saturday...

...then confirmed on Sunday, and next week he will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood.

I don't know if I told you, but last week we picked up a new investigator her name is Mary and she's 18. Anyways, her mom is a preacher for some other church, but Mary is really wanting to learn. Our 1st lesson we had was just us answering questions, one right after the other. We answered her questions for 2.5 hours!! It was crazy, and she still has tons and tons of more questions to ask. We taught her the Plan of Happiness, and she really enjoyed it. It answered a lot of questions for her.

Anyways, I wish I had more to write, but I don't. Sorry it's so short. I sent a memory card home with some pictures on it yesterday. Hope you like them. They include baptism pictures of Gary...

...and Lenny.

I really love Bountiful, but I’m feeling like it's time to go. I’ve been here for almost 6 months and the Pres says I will be leaving. I can't wait for transfers on the 17th. I hope it comes quick. Like I said in a recent letter, "something is telling me to prepare" I just wish I knew what that was.

Anyways, I love you guys. Keep me in your prayers, and ask my friends to write me. I need more letters. :D

Elder Evans