Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

[note-This truck belongs to the owner of the music store over which Elder Evans lives]

[note-Elders Evans and Pape's Christmas tree...]

[note-At a recent Zone Conference with several of his MTC buddies...]


Hey family. I hope everything is going well!

This has been a pretty sweet week! I’m just going to talk about the highlights...
...because I don't have a lot of time to write a lot today. Sorry. :(

For the past week and a half Elder Pape and I have been praying to send someone our way who is ready to hear the Gospel. So, anyways, on Thursday one of our Ward Mission Leaders called us and asked if we were busy at 7 pm. No, we didn't have anything planned we were just visiting people. He told us about someone who wanted to learn the Gospel. So of course we said, "Heck yeah!" (:D )

We go over there and it’s a girl by the name of Janice. Janice has been hit with a lot of Anti stuff. Her Grandma hated the church, but she died. So Janice wanted to find the truth for herself. Janice is 17, and reminds me a lot of Ashlee Ray (same kind of personality). Anyways, we taught her the Restoration...

...and we committed her for baptism on the 26th, and she said YES! It was awesome!

We've been teaching her all week, and she's been coming to church.... all that good stuff, and she finally prayed at the end of the 3rd lesson. It was awesome!

Her Dad is hardcore less-active, and her mom is ...I don't know....lame, yeah there we go. :D But, Janice has come a long way as she has had Anti-CRAP! stuffed down her throat for 10 years.

It's amazing to see the impact that the Gospel has on people. It has changed her life for the better. She now knows the truth, and the truth is in the Book of Mormon.

That small book you can hold in your hands is the truth! I know that, and she knows that. How I love this Gospel. As a youth I really took it for granted. I was like, "Yeah, whatever, it's true, no big deal." But as a missionary of God, I now can say, "Yes, I'm a Mormon. Yes, the Book of Mormon is true!" I'm proud to be a member of His Church, and I'm so glad that I have been called to be an instrument in His hands to bring some lost souls to His gospel. I love that!

Anyways, that was the highlight of my week. Sorry it's so short, but we have a lot to do today before the time is over. I wish P-days were longer. :D

So after I write this letter, I'm going to go SNOWBOARDING!!

Yeah! It's going to be sweet! I'll take some pictures!!!

Anyways family, I love you guys.
Elder Evans.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa...

It's been snowing all week, pretty much...

...and it's been cold!!!

Well, I'm going off my memory here...

...so don't be hatin’ if I don't have a lot of detail. :D

We taught Kristi about the Book of Mormon and how to use the topical guide, and all that good stuff. She pushed her baptismal date back, and now we have it for the 1st week of January. So hopefully I'm still here. I asked the President yesterday if I could stay one more transfer and he said that he won't be moving too many people this transfer. So hopefully I stay.

We also taught a man who is less-active and has been since he was 9, so he knows nothing of the Gospel. His son is warming up to us, too. He would never sit in on the lessons, but after Elder Pape and I saw him walking by himself and talked to him, he now trusts us. It's pretty cool.

I just wish I could remember more things......ah yes. Today we are picking up a young man who was from Los Angeles. He lives with his uncle and his uncle has been taking the lessons for some time. I only taught his uncle twice but then we dropped him because he wasn't keeping his appointments. But Ken (the kid from LA) wants to learn more. He has gone to church and been to Temple Square...

...and just loves the spirit he finds there. So we’re going to commit him to be baptized on the 26th of this month! It's going to be sweet!

Kristi went to a baptism that the Zone Leaders were having, and she really liked it. During the time when the people were drying off, they asked Elder Pape and me to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel...

...so we did. I don't remember what I said or how it came out, but the Spirit was so strong, and that's when I knew it wasn't me speaking. It was awesome!

Our area is picking up!! Yay! After 4 ½ weeks of super hard work we’re finally starting to see results! President interviews were way sweet. President and I talked about a lot of things. He told me something that made me feel good. He said that everyone likes me, and loves to be around me. So that really made me happy. :D

I wish there was more I could tell you about my week, but I just can't remember, these weeks go by so fast! My Bump Day [note-what missionaries call their 6-month anniversary of being on a mission] is coming up, and it's just flying!

Anyways family, know that I love you, and I always have you in my prayers. The church is true. Jesus is the Christ.

This is His Gospel, and He is the head of his Church. President Monson is a true prophet of the Lord.

I know that. And how do I know that? Because the Spirit of God has testified that to me.

May God grant his richest blessing upon you.

I love you,
Elder Evans

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's All Good!

Hello family. How is life treatin’ ya in amazing Arizona? Good I hope.

Well, before I get started I just wanted to congratulate Jon and Candace on their new little boy [note-Carter McRae Evans, born Nov 30th]...

That's exciting! My 1st nephew born on my Mission. Are there going to be more?? :D [note-Elder Evans has 5 other married siblings, so that is always a possibility.] That's really cool. I wish I could be there to see him, but since I have almost 18 months left I'll wait to see him then. :D

Alright, so on Tuesday the 24th…

…we had a half P-day. Our day was over at 1 pm because Thanksgiving was coming up and we would get the whole day to chill with members, and just relax. But we did have a Family Home Evening that evening with a family I fell in love with, the Barkers. I love this family! The Dad is our Ward Mission Leader, and the Mom is the Relief Society President. This family is so cool. Their son, Hayden, reminds me of Jonathan. He is just straight up hilarious!! And we get along so well. They have 4 kids in their family, 2 girls and 2 boys. I love this family. :D Sorry I keep saying that, but it's true. I'm so going to visit them when I come back after the mission. Anyways, our FHE was really good. We all really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday we had our District Meeting, then lunch as a District. After lunch Elder Pape and I took an hour to make a training for the youth of the 19th Ward. It was on how the Young Men can prepare to go on a mission...

...and how the Young Women can help. It was a lot of fun preparing it.


Today was awesome! We hung out with the Barkers; played some B-ball, and other sports; then we watched "NACHO LIBRE" (President approved it)...

...It was so funny. Hayden and I were quoting it. :D Then we had dinner with the Rasband family, which was fun. We played games, talked, then we watched the movie "UP" ...

...and I loved it! So funny. We then went back to the Barkers and watched "Horton Hears a Who" ...

So that was our Thanksgiving.

Friday was good. We had our lesson with Kristi, and she is way excited to get baptized! She's been praying and reading, and she prayed at the end of our lesson!! YEAH! Just goes to show that God answers prayers. I was praying for days that her heart would be touched, and it was. It was a miracle, and I was able to witness it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATE!! [note-his oldest brother who turned 32]

Hope it was a good one, I was going to buy you a card and send it to ya......but I don't know your address. Sorry. Saturday was full of meeting more Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders.

Sunday was crazy busy! We spoke in a Branch and then did our training with the youth in the 19th Ward, which was very good! Had lunch at the Barkers and then spoke in the Gospel Principles class on missionary work for about 10 minutes. Then add all that on top of our normal meetings.....and whooo....busy day!

Monday we had a Zone Leader exchange with Elder Williams. He’s a way cool guy and is so funny, and just a really good missionary, too. I had a lot of fun. Elder Williams goes home when I hit my year-mark.

So that's my week. I hope you all liked it. Have a good one, and tell all my friends to write to me. :D [note-his address in on the side-bar]


Elder Evans, the 4th.