Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, How's it Going?

Hey family! How is everything back home?

Well, here was my week.

9/8/09-P-DAY. Same old stuff. I took Joe the Navajo book, but he wasn't home, so I left a sticky note with the book on his porch. Also, we picked up some new investigators called the Balls family. (Not the Ball family, the Balls family. The Ball family we taught and baptized and they moved. :( )

9/9/09-HAD EXCHANGES WITH ELDER SCHANNER. It was okay. We rode bikes.....and I don't do bikes. It was an adventure and a half. We also had our District Meeting and Elder Schanner trained us on “street contacting”. We contacted 3 people; an RM, and 2 non-members (a “basher” and a gay guy--well, I’m not sure if he was....but he sure acted like it.)

Okay, here comes a sad story. Remember David, the one we were teaching? Well, he was put in Jail. He was caught with a suspended license. But, around 8pm that night they bailed him out! Ye-yeah! So it was all good, and he can still get baptized.

We had dinner with the Althouse family. I love this family!! They are soo funny. They have four kids, 1 boy and 3 girls. Their oldest son is 18, and just turned in his mission papers, and their youngest daughter is 12. They are so cool. They remind me so such our family. I kid you not. I love this family!

9/10/09–OUR DINNER we asked the Althouses if they would feed us again....and they said yes! We also taught David again and that was good.

9/12/09–WE HAD ZONE SPORTS THIS MORNING. We played speed ball and Elder Schanner got plastered by Elder Bohne. It was funny....but not. That was pretty much the highlight of my day. We also did five FHE's.

9/13/09–TODAY WAS GREAT! We spoke in the 5th Ward, on “friendship in missionary work”, and we got 3.....THREE new investigators. Two of them, two Indian ladies, have set a baptismal date, but the 13 year-old girl hasn't. Her parents are a little “iffy”. We also had FOUR of our other investigators come to church! Yeah! It rocked.

Okay, for some odd reason I'm starting to speak with an Australian accent. I'm not joking. Every now and then I'll say something...and I sound like I'm from Australia. I don't know where it comes from.....

9/14/09–WENT ON EXCHANGES WITH MY ZONE LEADER, Elder Fairbanks. We did service pretty much the whole time. We painted this old lady’s house. Then here comes the kicker. Elder Fairbanks told me that there are going to be 21 new elders coming in at the end of this transfer and that I might possibly be asked to train. He said I have improved a lot since the last time I went on exchanges with you. But, of course, nothing is set in stone yet. So we’ll see. :D Oh, and it rained crazy-hard today. We were soaked!! Holy Moly.

That was my week.

Lots of love,
Elder Evans

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