Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sorry about last week’s e-mail...I thought I sent it, but I guess not. :D So here are this week’s and last week’s updates. :-D

8/25-P-DAY. We went to the Wellsville slide. I didn't go down it; I just didn't feel like getting wet.

We then went to a youth activity for the HC1 and 2 wards. It was a lot of fun. That was pretty much it...no lessons, no nothing.

8/26-TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. We had our District Meeting and it was really good. Elder Schanner is a way awesome missionary. What he went over really hit home for me.

Jonathan had his Baptism interview, which went well. All our lessons fell through today. :( Then, as we were walking back to our apartment someone drove by and yelled, "You're damned to Hell!!" We just laughed. :-D

8/27-ZONE CONFERENCE. It was good, especially since it was only 3 hours instead of 7! :D Elder Porter, of the Seventy, spoke.

None of our lessons went through today either, but we did have some baptisms! Bro. and Sis. Beck were able to be re-baptized into the church, it was awesome. After a long and very tough road...they were able to do it. The spirit was so strong. Everyone was crying. I can't believe how much of the Spirit of God dwells in a baptism! After they were baptized they received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and you could just see the Light of Christ in their eyes. It was amazing! It breaks my heart knowing that they are moving in a few short weeks. Our last lesson with them is tomorrow. I'm going to give them my home and mission address. I really want to keep in touch with this young family.

8/28-WEEKLY PLANNING. Then we headed up to the East Stake and set up some FHE's with some young families. We had to re-set-up a lesson with the Beck family, they were packing and doing some cement work....so yeah. As we were walking home a 1970 Dodge Charger pulls into a drive way...

...and I said: "Elder, they need the Gospel" and we talked to them....they were the Petersons, and already members, but they were the nicest family I have ever met.


Oh Shoot! It was awesome! We taught David and Cindy again today, and we just found out that he CAN get baptized! Yeah-ya! So he is working toward Sept 26.!

8/30-TODAY WAS A CRAZY LOADED-DAY. I'm so tired! We spoke in the LP1 Ward then went to the FH1 Ward for Jonathan’s confirmation, then to the HC1 Ward, then back to our apt for a short lunch, then to correlation, got a ride, taught the Beck family. Bro. Beck gave us a free shirt and belt buckle (he owns his own clothing company).

Got a ride to dinner, then to Jonathan’s home, and got a ride to the youth stake fireside we had set up, then a ride home.... full day. :D

8/31-SET UP 10 FHE's in the Central Stake. ....that was my day. :D

9/1/09-TAUGHT DAVID AND CINDY, we gave him a triple combination, and he loved it! He can't wait to be baptized! He wants Rick (our fellowship member) to baptize him, and Elder Weiland and me to be the witnesses. So yeah!

9/2/09-MISSION PRESIDENT INTERVIEWS, which was really good! Pres. Olsen is a way awesome guy! And his wife is too. I call her Momma Olsen. :D We also had a FHE.

9/3/09-ELDER WEILAND WAS NOT FEELING TOO GOOD TODAY. So we went home around 7ish. Good thing we didn't have any lessons that night. But, we did teach David and Cindy, and he prayed at the end! It was way awesome! I was so happy! Anyways....

9/4/09-ELDER WEILAND AND I WERE BOTH SUPER SICK! We were just miserable...

...hard-core headaches, tummy pains like crazy.... yeah not a good day. But, we did pick up a new investigator. -BooYa!

9/5/09- TODAY WAS A SICK DAY and it was not fun. We also had our exchanges with the AP's. That was really tough on us, since we didn’t feel well, but we did good. I went with Elder Boyle who is a way cool guy! He is from Sydney, Australia, where Elder Bendall is serving!

I learned so much from him....well he is an AP.... :D

9/6/09-FAST SUNDAY. Another crazy busy day.

9/7/09-HAD EXCHANGES TODAY. I was with Elder Dill and I swear he looks just like Matty Bazany. He even acts like him too. :D We walked everywhere today (it felt like 20 miles) and every door we knocked.......nothing! Stupid Labor Day! :D But, we did have a FHE with the Peterson family. :D

So, there you go! I love being a missionary here in Utah.

I know that this is where God wants me to be. I love you guys and I pray for you all the time.

Elder Evans

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