Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trying to Stay Dry in Utah!

Well, howdy family! How is life treating ya?


Well, I have some news…but I’ll get to that later. :D

Anyways my week…

11/3-WE WERE IN ODGEN. That was fun. When we got back to Bountiful we had our 3rd lesson with Kristi, and she loved it! She asks some really good questions. It's so cool to see her progress.

11/4-TODAY WAS GOOD. We had our District Meeting. We had a training by Bro. Goldberg, and it ROCKED! Then he took me aside and told me how to be a better missionary. So, I will follow his counsel and rock this joint! :D


...So I just studied. :D

11/6-MOST OF US GOT OUR H1N1 SHOT (aka.....Swine flu).

One of the elders in our district didn't. He was scared.....what a “girlie-man”. :-D That was pretty much the highlight of my day.


11/8-SUNDAY. Did all our Sunday stuff (note-meaning he attended LOTS of meetings!)

. We had a few lessons and visited people.

11/10-TRANSFER NEWS. We found out who is going where...

...I'm staying here in North Bountiful, and Elder Walker is leaving for North Brigham City. My new comp is Elder Pate. Don't know him yet, but he is excited to be serving here in B-town!

So that was my week. Hope you enjoyed it. :D

Love ya,
Elder Evans the 4th.

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