Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Hey, I hope all is going well. Everything is going fine with me. My companion and I are starting to pick things up here in wonderful B-Town.

Well, I don't have my journal on me, so today might not be a long letter. Sorry. But, I will try to remember everything, and every little “dumb detail” (:D) as I can. [note-I am always telling him that, as a mother, I want "more details"]

Oh, I got an email from Sister Partington, and she tells me that Danny is getting ready to go on a mission. Yay! :D So that's exciting. It'll be great!


On Monday, the 16th, it was another “meet people and get things moving” day. We had a FHE with a really cool family. They remind me a lot of the Fife family, and even kinda look like them. The FHE was really good. We watched a short video called "Tried in All Things", it's Pres. Hinckley talking about the three 18 year-old boys who carried all the stranded pioneers across the Sweetwater River.

The Spirit was really strong and I just fell in love with that video. It's really good. We tied all that to missionary work. It's pretty sweet.

Tuesday, the 17th. My 5 MONTH anniversary!!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It was P-day. Normal P-day stuff happened.

We taught Kristi, and she loved it. We taught her about the 10 Commandments.

It was way sweet. Then for the rest of the night we met with more Bishops. Oh, and we had a Priest Exchange [note-where the missionaries each take a 16-17 year-old young man from the ward to serve as their companion for a few hours] which was fun.

Wednesday was Zone Conference and the main focus was the Book of Mormon. They want us to be Book of Mormon missionaries, and not just "Preach my Gospel" missionaries. It was way sweet, and President gave us a challenge to re-read the book of Mormon, cover to cover, in three months (five pages a day). So I have been doing that and I'm in Jacob right now. Jacob is amazing. Chapter 5 is so deep. Man, I love it! We also had a lesson with a less-active man, which was good.

Thursday..... was a pretty lousy day…the end.

Friday was our weekly-planning, as well as our District Study. We had a lesson set up with a lady, but she called at the last minute and told us she didn't want to meet with us, and that she was “set in her ways”. It was a little heart-breaking, but that's life. People just don't understand the joy this Gospel brings, because if they knew that they would be lining up to be baptized. But hopefully we planted a seed, and some other Elders will reap.

Saturday we just went around and met more Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops. It was a l-o-o-o-n-g day. It was cold, and it snowed.....twice.

On Sunday we taught the Primary in the 19th Ward. The lesson was on service and was a lot of fun. For the last 5 minutes it was a “Question and Answer” time and the kids asked us some of the funniest things. Oh, my gosh! It was so fun. Little kids are so cute.

Kristi went to church! Yeah! That was really good to see. After church we had lunch at the home of the people who are fellowshipping her and then we taught her again. She understood it, but at the end of the lesson she started to cry. She told us she is having major doubts about her baptismal date, and a lot of other things. So we lost our day, but she still wants to meet with us. I love Kristi, and I know that she knows that what we teach her is right. She has felt the Spirit, as we have during our lessons. I have cried twice in 5 lessons with her. I don't know if she will get baptized when I'm here, but I hope she does. At times I wish I was a convert to the Church, so I could tell her, “I've been there. I was in your shoes. I know how you feel.” I wish that, but that wasn't meant to be. If you could pray for her as well, that would be amazing. -Thank you.

Monday. Yesterday. Had an Exchange with Elder Coon, and I got to Drive!!!

YEAH!! That was our day. No lessons.

Today is a “half P-day”. P-day is over at 1pm because on Thanksgiving we have the whole day to rest and to hang-out with members; so that will be our “whole-day P-day”, so I'm excited for that. We also get to watch G-rated movies on that day, so I'm going to see "UP"...

...the new Disney-Pixar movie that came out on DVD a few weeks ago!

Anyway that's my week. I hope you enjoyed it.

Elder Evans the 4th.

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