Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Ogden...for today

Hey all, I'm in O-Town [Ogden] right know. One of the Elders needed some meds, so that's where I'm at.

Alright, my week.

10/27-IT SNOWED...

We taught Miss Utah today. That was really good. She was really open to the gospel and to us. So that made it nice.

10/28- EXCHANGE WITH ELDER COON, my “brother”! [note-this is “mission lingo”. I think it means this Elder had the same trainer (“father”) as did Elder Evans.] That was really good. We had no lessons, but it was good to serve with him. I showed him what was up. :D

10/29 & 30-TODAY WAS COLD and we walked everywhere!

We had a zone party and it was fun! We played soccer...

...and football.

To your surprise I’ll have you know that I played both…and I rocked! :D [note-Elder Evans has never been too excited about sports.] Today is the last day of day-light savings. Yeah!! :/


Today was good, we taught Kristi the Plan of Salvation. She loved it! Her dad died on Labor Day, so it was a way good lesson. I told her about Grandpa, and we both started crying. Then I got this really strong feeling to say, "My grandfather may be teaching your father right now, just like how I'm teaching you." Oh, it was awesome!

I love teaching the Plan of Salvation. It brings major joy to my heart and soul. I know that I, we, can be with our loved-ones again, and not just “‘til death do us part”. I love the gospel for that! I do have a testimony that I cannot, and will not, deny of the Plan of Happiness. I know that God lives, and he loves us! Just like Nephi didn't know the truth of all things but he did know that God “loveth his children”. (1 Nephi 11:16-17) I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. One boy, one scripture, changed the World! The Church is true and I’m very glad to be a part of it!

11/2-NOTHING HAPPENED TODAY. It was a sad day. :-( Sorry.

Anyway, let me know how everything is going back home. I want to know. I love you guys and I miss you so very much. I'm always talking about you, and thinking about you.

I don't ever want this mission to end!

Love you,
Elder Evans

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