Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa...

It's been snowing all week, pretty much...

...and it's been cold!!!

Well, I'm going off my memory here...

...so don't be hatin’ if I don't have a lot of detail. :D

We taught Kristi about the Book of Mormon and how to use the topical guide, and all that good stuff. She pushed her baptismal date back, and now we have it for the 1st week of January. So hopefully I'm still here. I asked the President yesterday if I could stay one more transfer and he said that he won't be moving too many people this transfer. So hopefully I stay.

We also taught a man who is less-active and has been since he was 9, so he knows nothing of the Gospel. His son is warming up to us, too. He would never sit in on the lessons, but after Elder Pape and I saw him walking by himself and talked to him, he now trusts us. It's pretty cool.

I just wish I could remember more things......ah yes. Today we are picking up a young man who was from Los Angeles. He lives with his uncle and his uncle has been taking the lessons for some time. I only taught his uncle twice but then we dropped him because he wasn't keeping his appointments. But Ken (the kid from LA) wants to learn more. He has gone to church and been to Temple Square...

...and just loves the spirit he finds there. So we’re going to commit him to be baptized on the 26th of this month! It's going to be sweet!

Kristi went to a baptism that the Zone Leaders were having, and she really liked it. During the time when the people were drying off, they asked Elder Pape and me to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel...

...so we did. I don't remember what I said or how it came out, but the Spirit was so strong, and that's when I knew it wasn't me speaking. It was awesome!

Our area is picking up!! Yay! After 4 ½ weeks of super hard work we’re finally starting to see results! President interviews were way sweet. President and I talked about a lot of things. He told me something that made me feel good. He said that everyone likes me, and loves to be around me. So that really made me happy. :D

I wish there was more I could tell you about my week, but I just can't remember, these weeks go by so fast! My Bump Day [note-what missionaries call their 6-month anniversary of being on a mission] is coming up, and it's just flying!

Anyways family, know that I love you, and I always have you in my prayers. The church is true. Jesus is the Christ.

This is His Gospel, and He is the head of his Church. President Monson is a true prophet of the Lord.

I know that. And how do I know that? Because the Spirit of God has testified that to me.

May God grant his richest blessing upon you.

I love you,
Elder Evans

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