Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everything Is Going GREAT!

Here's a picture of our Zone with Elder Andrew Norton (my trainer and EAC friend) in the front-center and me on the right.

Well howdy family!

This week has been rockin’! We have 4 with a baptism date. Kristi is on the 16th, just a few short days; Josh is the 23rd, Gary is the 30th, and Janice is the 30th, as well!! It's awesome! We are so very excited for all of them. They are all excited too. It's amazing to see the change in these peoples' lives.

Elder Snyder and I have been doing some youth firesides, and they have been going so good. The youth are involved like crazy, and their seminary teacher even asked us to teach seminary for a full day, because he has heard so much good about us from our youth lessons. I'm so excited!

For Zone conference the AP's [Assistants to the President], Elders Kozak and McDaniel, trained on how to "plan for baptisms on every week". They called it "Think 4 weeks at once", and it was awesome! Our AP's are the bomb! I wish I was as good as they are. :D

And for District meeting tomorrow I will be giving a 20-minute training on how to become a better missionary using the AP's training. Wish me luck on that, I just now found out. –Thanks, Elder Norton [note-now his District leader who apparently gave him that assignment]. :D

Things in B-town are going great. We had a Bountiful North Stake Conference this Sunday and our Mission Parents [note-Pres. Olsen and his wife] were speaking. Sister Olsen said something that really struck me and Elder Snyder. She said, "The Elders in this Stake are meant to be here! They have been called of God to be the Elders in this Area." And Elder Synder and I were like, "YEAH! GO MOMMA OLSEN! WOOT-WOOT!" But we said that in our heads....we didn't really shout it. :D

This transfer is going by too fast, I hate it. But, it's all good. I'm hoping and praying that I stay one more, just one more transfer here in the amazing Bountiful with Elder Snyder. But, like I said before, something is telling me to prepare. So, I still don't know what that means yet, and I'm a little worried, too. If it means leadership I don't know if I'm ready. I don't know if I can train, or become a DL [District Leader]. Being a Senior-companion is easy, but the other things.....I don't know. Oh well, I'll do what God wants me to do.

That's all I got for this week. Sorry it's short. Hey, if you haven't sent me those ties, please send them now. :D

Love ya,
Elder Evans

Here are some pictures of my Christmas...

We had Christmas Eve Dinner with the Bowman family. As you can see we had LOTS of wonderful food to eat...

Elder Snyder and me with the Bowman's son...

After our Christmas Eve dinner we attended our "Zone Sleep-over" where we read Luke 2, talked about family traditions, ate and had lots of fun...

Then Santa came... "Santa!! I know him!!!"

Christmas morning we were invited to the Barkers home to celebrate the day with their family and several other Elders. Again we had GREAT food....

And then visited and played games.

The Barkers are a wonderful family. Here I am with them on the day Elder Pape (holding the dog) was transferred.

Even though Christmas was over I still had a few surprises, which included running into Felicia, a friend of mine from Eastern Arizona College...

...and getting to meet my oldest brother's former mission president and his wife, President and Sister Benson, who were speaking at a Mission Conference I attended. It was awesome to meet them, and find out that they still remember "Elder Nathaniel Evans". :-D

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