Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Howdy Doody!

Hey Family! I hope all is going well. This week has been a little of a rough one on me, with transfers, a new companion, senior companion.... yeah. :D

I hope the Haban family is doing well. That was really a sad thing to hear about Kamaron passing away. Thank goodness for the Plan of Salvation and knowing that death isn't the end, and that we will see our loved ones again. I love the Plan of Salvation, it is my favorite lesson to teach. I love to see people change just from knowing it.

8/18/09 - P-DAY. Wrote letters. Elder Norton packed. We cleaned our apartment and then taught Kevin and Julie, well Julie wasn't there, but Kevin was. They are a Chinese family and it's pretty freakin' sweet to hear them pray in their language......Don't know what they are saying, but that's why we have our WML (ward mission leader) there. He went to China on his mission, so he is our translator. The gift of tongues...I wish I had that. :D

8/19/09 - SAID GOOD-BYE TO ELDER NORTON. That was pretty hard, but it's all good. I got my new companion. His name is Elder Weiland and he is from Illinois...

...near Chicago. Way cool guy.

Remember that tattooed guy in the rice-burner I was talking about in my last letter? His name is David. We taught him the Restoration...

...and he loved it! Dave is GOLD! He was sitting on the edge of his seat the whole time, just wanting to learn more and more. It was so cool. It's amazing to see how much people can change when they are looking for the truth. I'm so glad that Elder Norton and I missed the bus that one day (we missed it by one minute), and if we wouldn't have missed it, we would have missed him. God does work in strange ways, I can testify of that. :D We also taught Jonathan and that went good, too.

Today was the most stressful day of my life, so far. I was doing everything...finding fellowships, rides, calling dinner....etc. We didn't have any lessons after 8pm, so I told Elder Weiland we were going home, and I was going to bed. I stressed myself out so bad, I felt so sick. It was not cool. But, we all have bumps in the road, and I was able to get through it.

8/20/09 - TODAY WAS A LOT BETTER than yesterday. After praying for 20 minutes, and crying like a 5 year old...I'm good. :D

Elder Weiland is a really good missionary. He is way laid-back, but he is a very hard worker, too. We had no lessons set up for today, so after Companionship Study we cleaned our apartment…looks nice! Then we went around the East Stake meeting all the Bishops. But, we did have a mundo sweet street contact. His name is Nathan, he is 15 and has been reading the Book of Mormon...

Oh shoot! It was awesome! We asked if we could meet with him, and he said he would ask his parents. So we traded phone numbers, and yeah. :D

8/21/09 - EVERY MORNING I WAKE UP WITH SERIOUS DOUBTS. Satan is working me so hard, and I don't like it. I know why he is, it's because there is someone here, in Logan, that I need to teach and where he or she is....I don't know. But I'm going to find out. I'm going to work so hard until I find this person, just to annoy Satan even more. :D

We taught Jonathan again today, and he loved it! He is way excited for the 29th when he will be baptized!

He asked if I, "Brother Evans", would speak on Baptism, and Elder Weiland give the closing prayer. We both agreed. Austin Bouchard [note-a friend from Sierra Vista] was there and he drove us around from 6-9:30 and was also my companion for an hour. Elder Weiland went to go teach Kevin and Julie, and Austin and I went to teach the Beck family. Oh, and I ate some Chinese food.... and I was not feeling good afterwards.

8/22/09 - DAVE IS GOLD!

He believes everything! We asked him if he believed in Christ, and he said: "I don't believe....I know." But, we don't know if he can get baptized....he is on probation. So yeah…but tomorrow is Sunday, so I will be fasting for him. Elder Mike Grover drove us around today. That was fun.

8/23/09 SUNDAY…Church was cancelled because of the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (which was really good).

We also taught Mike and Barbara today. We watched the "Finding Faith in Jesus Christ " DVD. It has been raining crazy-hard these last few days. Holy moly!

8/24/09 - IT WAS RAINING SO HARD that our power went out in the middle of the night. So instead of us getting up at 6:30... we woke up at 7:24....NOT our fault. It was the power’s fault. :D We taught Dave the Plan of Salvation ...

...and he loved it! Man, Dave is so Gold! We also went over the baptismal questions with Jonathan. Yeah-ya! I'm way excited.

So, that was my week. I love you guys, and I pray for you every night.

Elder Evans

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