Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Times In Bountiful

Here is my weekly update.

10/20/09 - P-DAY. Did all our normal stuff, but today was a little different. I got my hair cut and the lady shaved the back of my neck.....with a straight-edge razor!

When she pulled it out, I was like "Oh gosh!", but it was cool, and she didn't cut me. :D

We went to the DI and bought a HUGE, big old "Book of Mormon" for my morning studies. We had 3 lessons scheduled for tonight, but they all fell through.


10/22/09 - GUESS WHO WE SAW?? Elder Walker and I were walking down the street, and I hear, "Elder Evans!!" So I turn around and Lindsey Blau comes out of the car. It was so cool! I miss her and the whole Blau Family, but mostly I miss my boy, Brenden (note-his good friend who is serving a mission in South Africa). So after that, the day ROCKED!

10/23/09 & 10/24/09 -ALL OUR LESSONS CANCELLED AGAIN!! :-(

10/25/09 -SUNDAY. As always, the busiest day for a missionary.

10/29/09 - INTERVIEWS. Yea! It was sweet. That took up a really good chunk of the day. So we as a group went to Cafe Rio for lunch (they have amazing Mexican food)...

The President and his wife were there, too. Some girls came to our table and started hitting on us, and invited us to come to seminary with them. So Elder Chantry said, "Well, ask our President, he's right there." Well, they freaked and quickly left…it was so funny.

Anyways, that's my week. So yeah. Love you guys, and stay safe.

Elder Evans

P.S. It's snowing today.

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