Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I thought it was Spring!

Hello Family. Yes, I got your package, thank you. The GPS works so well! Star Valley is so huge compared to B-town.

I'm doing good up here although I'm really sick and tired of snow! I am so tired of seeing WHITE! I want to see GREEN! :D . It snowed last night. 4.5 inches....and it’s stinkin’ APRIL!! And it's been dang COLD, too!

Other than that, things are going good. Being with Elder Weiland again is great, I am really enjoying it.

We picked up a family of four on Sunday. They are a Mexican family and they speak dang good English, I'm really surprised. They all have good hearts, too. The dad, Hector, just wants his kids to be more focused of Jesus, and the Mom wants them to be just like us.

I need you guys to do me a huge favor. I need the address for the missionaries in Sierra Vista. I have a few member invites for them. Just remember MI's (member invites) are so much better then knocking doors. You know you guys should invite the neighbors into your home for a meal, then a lesson with the Elders. It wouldn't hurt. But don't be sneaky about it! Be specific, direct, and clear.

Love you,
Elder Evans

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