Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello, Hello!

Well, before I get into my week, I just want to thank you guys for your letters, and, oh yeah, it's starting to get cold here in the mornings, could you send me a blanket? I've been sleeping with just a sheet, and I miss my blanket!

Could you also send me a copy of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", and "Jesus Was No Ordinary Man" in the size of a pass-along card, so I can glue them in the back of my little hymn book? Thanks.

Alright, my week…

7/28/09-P-DAY and we got a lot done. We helped Karen move into her new home, which isn't in our area....so in order for us to keep teaching her we have a “fellowship” [note-a member’s home where they can teach her] in our area, and they are the nicest people ever. They've been married for about four months. They are the most amazing couple and remind me so much of Allison and Loren (that's probably why I connect to them so well).

We also met a “Dry Mormon” [note-someone who acts like a Mormon, but has never been baptized into the Church], named Bob. Bob is about 80+, and is awesome! He knew
President David O. McKay!

He said that Pres. McKay was the nicest person he had ever met in his life. It was so funny, though, when he first started talking about him, he said, "Yeah, I know of prophets. My old friend…uhhh....damn it....what was his name.... !?” It was so funny! Anyway, he's an awesome guy.

7/29/09-EXCHANGE with Elder Schanner, our DL, and it was good. We taught Maria about the Plan of Salvation and that was good. Her kids are so crazy!

Now for the really sad part of the day... We had a lesson set up with Karen at our fellowship couple’s home. We were going to watch the “Restoration” video, and right as we started to play it Karen says, "I'm gunna go guys, I don't want to see, or hear about this," and she got up and left! All of us were in a state of shock. We didn't know what to do!

7/30/09-THE CRAPPIEST DAY EVER! Everything fell through. (KaBoom) But, we got 10 bucks, so that kinda helped. We also had Tom drop us… it was just crappy.

7/31/09-NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED today, so I guess it was a step-up from yesterday. :-D We taught this girl named Belinda, and she has some weird insights about Joseph Smith. Something about how he had an Amulet that could control Jupiter...

...and when the Sun was in the right spot with Jupiter God would show himself to him. Elder Norton and I were like "What the...?!?" So yeah, that was the highlight of my day. :D

8/1/09-WE HIT-UP ONE OF OUR STAKES like mad, today! We have like no activity going on up there, so for about half of the day we were talking to Ward Mission leaders, RS Presidents. EQ Presidents, etc.

We also talked with Ken again today and found out he's Mormon, and was baptized, and has been to the temple only for Baptisms for the Dead. He fell away when he was about 13, the reason why, I don't know. We also had Zone conference which was good, too.

8/2/09-FAST SUNDAY and President Morrill invited us to a BBQ!!!

I ate 2 burgers and 1 hot dog, and drank like a half a gallon of milk. Then for dessert I had ice-cream with chocolate chips, and I ate ALL of it! I was so hungry! Then it was the same for dinner…dinner was holy huge and I ate everything!!!

[note-Elder Evans has never been a very big eater, so I have had great hopes that all those LDS women in Utah would be able to “fatten him up” with their wonderful cooking…it looks like he’s on his way! :-D] Later, we had a youth fireside and that rocked!

8/03/09-I WAS SOOO TIRED!! I thought I was going to die! I have never been so tired in my life! Even though I was mundo tired, today rocked! We had 15 unplanned contacts, and they all rocked. We also taught a Jewish man today in one of the bishops’ homes. It was so good. The spirit was so strong, he told us he felt so warm inside. BooYA! But, he wouldn't set up a return appointment. So, hopefully he will later, as we gave him our number and all that.

We also had FHE with a family whose son just left about 6 months ago. We taught them about missionary work, and they all were crying, and the dad said to us, “If you need anything, anything, call us, and we will help you. If you need a ride, if dinner cancels, or just someone to talk to, you call us.” I love that family. I would marry their daughter just to be part of their family…but, she's 13, so that's not gunna happen. :D

So, yeah, that was my week.

Oh, they just re-opened the Logan Temple…

...so this morning all of us Elders in the area went. Come to find out, if we live within 45 minutes of the temple we get to go every P-Day. So if I'm lucky I'll get to go to the Temple 107 times…now that would be cool! :D

Well, let me know how things are going and all that good stuff.

I love you all,
Elder Evans, the 4th. :D


  1. Wow Steve! You're doing so great! It's awesome to see you as a missionary. This is so fun to read.

  2. Mom, I've got the sheet music to 'Jesus was no Ordinary Man' if you decide you need more than just the words.