Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi All!

Here’s something sweet...There is an older brother here in Logan, named Brother Stewkie, and he was one of the first missionaries to open the Tucson Mission...

...and his first area was Sierra Vista! Can you believe that?! :D

Drum roll, please...

Elder Norton and I....well one of us is being transferred....but, I'll talk about that at the end. :D


8/11/09-TODAY WAS OUR P-DAY. I wrote letters, took a nap, cleaned the apartment, and did laundry...the same old P-day stuff. But, check out this sweet deal we got… There's a suit/wedding store just across the street from the Tabernacle and they have sweet, sweet suits and ties. Their ties are $45.00 and up, but since we’re missionaries....we get them for $5.35! Yeah! I got one that is way sweet. It's pink with red and white dots that change color in the sun. It's going to be my Valentines Day tie. :D


...the end. :-(

8/13/09-I HAD EXCHANGES with Elder Schanner today. Not everything went according to plan, but that happens. Normally we're not supposed to drive until we have been out for 3 months,but since Elder Schanner can't drive [note-probably because he is from Sweden and doesn’t have a Utah driver’s license]...I got too! I loved it. It felt so good. It was a good exchange. :D

8/14/09-TODAY WAS LIKE P-DAY, but not. We visited a few people in the morning. Then we had a 2-hour district meeting, an hour lunch, then a 2-hour weekly-planning, and then a service project with Elder Hale and Elder Pukepuke (pronounced pu'key pu'key), which was a lot of fun.

We taught Jonathan again and read Alma 7 with him. He told us that verse 26 was Elder Norton and me, so that was really heart-warming to hear. We also taught a family that’, well…they are former members trying to become members again, and that's all I can say about that. But, they are the sweetest people ever. They have 2 kids and are in their 20's. It was a good lesson. :D

8/15/09-Today was another “GIVE-THE-ELDERS-THE-SLIP” DAY.

8/16/09-SUNDAY WAS GOOD! We spoke in the Hill Crest II Ward on missionary work, and then Elder Norton and I went on splits. I went to see Jonathan and Elder Norton went to another ward to see Maria and her family. Jonathan was at church, but Maria didn't show. (Elder Norton and I have been thinking, and if Maria doesn't keep her commitments we’re gunna drop her, and that's not going to be easy. I don't want too, but we might. :-( )

We taught Jonathan the Plan of Salvation and he loved it. Then we committed him to live the law of tithing...he said YES! After dinner we had a Missionary Fireside and Pres. Olson showed.

It was good to see him and his wife again. The fireside was packed! There must've been 200+ people there.

8/17/09-ANOTHER “DITCH-THE-ELDERS” DAY. We also had our last district meeting before transfers. We watched a movie about Joseph Smith...

...and it rocked! We then had dinner at the Golden Corral...

and it was yummy!

So, to continue my story from up top…We were at our apartment, waiting for the Pres to call us and let us know what was going on. :D There was a rumor going around that Elder Norton was going to be a District Leader and he had been freaking out about that. Anyway, Pres. Olsen called and ....Elder Norton is going to Bountiful, to become a DL, and me…I'm staying here in Logan! BooYa! I'll meet my new comp on Wednesday. So, yeah, Elder Norton is leaving
me. :-( It's going to be a little weird but I hear good things about my new comp (although I can't spell his name). :D

Oh, another great experience…We missed the bus...

...and as we were waiting for the next one this rice-burner [note-small Japanese-made sports car] pulls up, and this guy with tattoos all over his neck, arms, and legs is driving and his wife is next to him. She's a member but not active and she wants to come back, and her husband wants to be baptized! Elder Norton and I freaked out! So we just said, “Well, how does Sept 19th sound for baptism”, and he said yes! OH! It was so sweet! I tell ya the Lord works in very many ways. The lady was telling us that she has been looking for missionaries for some time now, and her husband has called around to find some, but then they saw us! It was awesome!

So, that's it for now.

Love ya guys,
Elder Evans

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  1. Mom, does Steve get these comments? I should probably write it to him, but it's so easy to just write it all right here while I have the option to.

    Does Steve have an email address? I know snail mail is "gold", but is he allowed an email address?

    But anyways, I really liked reading this post. Maybe it's because I'm done with the house cleaning, the kids are in bed and I'm relaxed, sitting cozy on the couch and finally am able to read in silence!

    After reading the 12th's Journal entry "Everything fell through--the end", I asked Loren if there were a lot of appts on his mission that fell through and he said, very clearly, "YES". So when I read him that part of the post he laughed because he can completely understand.

    And the story about missing the bus only to find an inactive member who's tatted hubby wants to get baptized! I mean, what's the chance of that? Well, with Heavenly Father on your side, there's always a chance.

    I'm just amazed at how the Lord works! And I'm excited to hear about Steve's new companion.