Friday, August 14, 2009

Howdy Everyone!

Okay, before I get started with my week … Dad, can you send me that book of Great-Grandpa's life among the Navajo Indians?

I gave Joe that little short one you sent, and he loved it! He was trying not to show it, but I can read people pretty well. So, if you could send that to me whenever you get a chance, that would be just dandy. :D

Alright my week of up's and down's…

8/4/09 - P-DAY. We went to the Temple and enjoyed it very much. The Logan temple is so cool on the outside...

...but it's nothing like I thought it would be on the inside, but it's all good [note - I think he was expecting it to be more "pioneer-ish", but it has been updated and remodeled a few times since it was built]. I wrote 5 letters, which took me 2 ½ hours....holy moly! Then took a one-hour nap. (Yeah, one hour, not five! No more “mini-comas” for me. :D )

We had a short lesson with Maria and then visited people for the rest of the day.

8/5/09 - TODAY WAS TOTAL LAMENESS! We had set up another lesson with Karen and it fell through at the last minute. Then we had exchanges....again. I don’t like exchanges very much because if you go to someone else’s area you look like an idiot since you have no idea what's going on, or what to say to the bishop, or whoever, about a person in that area. Anyway, all the lessons we had that day fell through. :-(

8/6/09 - TODAY ROCKED! We had our lesson with Karen, and it was the most spiritual thing EVER! We were all in tears. She told us that she had a child, and gave it up, because she couldn't take care of it, and her husband was not a good husband.

She told us that that was the hardest thing she had ever done, but she did it because she loved her son and wanted him to have a better life. From that we were able to share with her that Heavenly Father made a great sacrifice for us, too, since He loves us and wants what’s best for us.... yeah, it was awesome!

Our lesson lasted almost three hours....and it was all about God's love for us (good thing we didn't have any other lessons that afternoon)!

It’s amazing how the last time we saw Karen she almost dropped us, but we asked her to have another lesson with us, which turned into this lesson, and now we have her back. :D

8/7/09 - Today...well every Friday is WEEKLY PLANNING....and that's always fun. :/

Say, do you remember Elder Grover? Well, I called him, and asked him if he could drive us around from 6-9pm. He agreed. The lesson we had fell through, but those things happen.

So, here comes that cool part… While we were with Elder Grover I saw a car I knew I had seen before, back home in Sierra Vista. The car drove past and I told Elder Grover to turn around and follow it.

We were able to flag the car down and guess who comes out of the car....Austin Bouchard! Yeah, it was him! And he was like, "What are you doing here?? You’re on a mission!" It was so funny. He lives in Logan now, so I got his cell number and told him we’ll call him to drive us around some time.... Ahh, it rocked! It was about 8:45ish and we had nothing left to do so Elder Grover took us to Cold Stone...

(I got the “Birthday-Cake Re-mix”, and it was yummy!) So that was my “sweet day” of pure sweetness.

Elder Grover is such a cool guy. For some odd reason I can't call him “Mike”, I just can't. :D Oh, and he told me that Elder Pendleton is coming to Logan, too. Ahh! Two great RM's from the Tucson Arizona Mission are in my mission! It's so cool.

8/8/09 - Today was DUMP DAY as everything fell through, except for our lesson with Karen. :D We watched “Finding Faith in Jesus Christ”, and it was good. Oh, it was raining all day...

...and was 55 degrees. I was freezing!

8/9/09-WE SPOKE in 2 wards today. The topics were Missionary Work and the Restoration, both of which went very well!

8/10/09-Today was a BUMPY ROAD THAT TURNED INTO A SMOOTH ONE. We had another lesson with Karen and she got on the subject of gay-rights. We tried to tell her the Church’s stand on it, and she got offended and walked out again. Her step-mom is gay... I don't know, Karen is really confusing at times. SO that put a major dent in our mood.

But....we had a referral for a man by the name of Jonathan Morgan. He's been to church many times and believes everything! So we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone having that authority, and he said YES! AHHH!!! He even picked the person he wants to have baptize him! AHHHHHH! It rocked! So that was my day and my week.

Love you all,
Elder Evans

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